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Faster and safer inspections than traditional industry methods. Meet Stratum Boats.

Infrared vision changing the

concept of inspection.

Is it possible to see the invisible?

We can  inspect and monitor materials and processes, detecting anomalies or unwanted changes.

Reduce maintenance costs and achieve excellent quality.

Who we are

Subiter is a technology-based company specializing in infrared vision. Our mission is to help the industry achieve excellence in its production processes. Through intelligent inspection and monitoring systems, we can observe phenomena that are beyond the capabilities of the human eyes.


Monitoring what the eyes cannot see.

Reach the invisible with smart infrared vision.


Inspection capacity in large areas, optimizing your time.

Millimeters of layers penetrated, detecting anomalies.

Cases that reach the invisible.

Companies that relied on Subiter's help to reach the invisible.

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Who supports us



Letícia Senra - Community Leader - Cubo Itaú

"To keep pace with Subiter's growth and see constant evolution is to be sure that technology can revolutionize the world and make us see much further!"


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